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We are on a mission to help you build life-changing habits for leading a healthier, happier & productive life with a purpose.

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Why Embarkz was started

Hello Everyone,
I'm Rupali, the founder of Embarkz. As a business owner in IT services and a working mother, I've come to believe that self-awareness and key habits hold the power to transform lives. This epiphany struck me in my early 40s when I discovered the profound positive impact of simple, tiny habits. Since then, I've not only been living life, but thriving in it!

My Journey... After completing my post-graduation in computer science, I started my career as a software developer. My journey has been an evolving and dynamic one, with each step contributing to my personal growth.

I embraced opportunities, climbed the corporate ladder, and embraced new challenges that shaped my growth.After reaching corporate milestones, I sensed a yearning for a new adventure. With everything aligned, I took a bold decision to step into entrepreneurship. This leap marked an exciting chapter where I'm dedicated to creation, innovation, and making a positive impact.

In the whirlwind of managing work and personal life, self-care slipped away. Long hours, inadequate sleep, and unhealthy habits led to weight gain, anxiety, and health issues.

If you're experiencing any of these challenges, I've been there too:
Weight Management: I've struggled with weight, trying countless diets and secretly reminiscing over old photos. Those friendly lighthearted jokes sometimes stung, and shopping became disheartening.

Seeking Motivation: Perfect moments felt empty, and a void lingered. I grappled with the sensation that something important was missing without a clear answer.

Work-Life Balance: Balancing career and motherhood posed challenges. Days blended together and the struggle to find equilibrium was real.

Overcoming Doubt: I've faced skepticism about my ideas, being told they wouldn't work. These experiences taught me self-advocacy and standing for beliefs.

Dealing with Regret and Fear: I've made decisions leading to regret and guilt, battling the fear of losing loved ones.

At 40, I faced obesity. A wake-up call for self-esteem. My decision-making skills weakened, impacting my life. This drove home the idea that true success includes holistic well-being. I prioritized self-reflection, self-care. The result: heightened confidence, better decisions, productivity. I embraced conscious adjustments, built tiny healthy habits. The invigorating experience proved the seemingly impossible can be achieved. At 41, I conquered water fear, at 42, shed 20kg sustainably. My wellness journey began.

Life shifted, but it's not perfect. Doors close, and stress still finds its way to me, but self-awareness and well-being offer resilience. I handle stress better, navigate emotions progressively, find joy in discipline, find gratitude’s impact and mindfulness guides my fulfilling life.

My transformation urged me to empower others. Embarkz was born from the belief that each individual is unique. The right tools and content can ignite motivation, creating personalized wellness protocols for growth.

Whatever you face, a shift in approach turns challenges into growth opportunities. Embarkz, uniquely crafted from the real-life experiences of common people, offers a nurturing environment, curated content, and tools for meaningful connections, self-care, and thriving.

Let's embark together on this journey of transformation and well-being!

- Warmly, Rupali

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