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10 Creative Walk and Talk Ideas Your Team Will Love

Do you know what Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Apart from being some of the greatest innovators in history, they also favored walking meetings. Getting outside to do remote meetings can be a great way to break up a sedentary lifestyle.

If your calendar is jam-packed with back-to-back meetings, chances are you'll end up tired and unproductive. Even though video meetings have improved over the years, they cannot replace face-to-face meetings. Try a walk-and-talk meeting to break up your days of meetings from dawn to dusk.

A walking meeting is what it sounds like: it's a meeting held on a walk, without boardrooms, offices, or cafes. Approximately 60% of creative output is boosted by walking, according to studies. Taking walks can increase your energy levels, help you lose weight, and make you feel more productive. As an added benefit, it helps you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand.

Interested in implementing walking meetings at work? Let's explore creative walk and talk ideas.

1. Sprint in the office.

Set up a walking track every day and see who can reach the target distance first. While walking, employees can pair up and share something interesting and valuable while pacing back and forth. Discover more about your colleagues on a more personal level by attending this event.

2. A daily stroll is a must.

For a quick overview of the day's agenda, employees can walk with their supervisor or a company leader every morning before work starts. This daily walk provides an opportunity to check in, and stay connected, and makes sure everyone is on the same page, ensuring a productive and successful day.

3. Get on the stairs.

During working hours, participants must climb at least five floors and keep a log of their progress for 30 days. Stairs are also a great extra opportunity to build physical strength and get to know colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Work out with your staff.

Take your staff for a walk, run, or even practice yoga together during the day. This will benefit their health and build bonds. Make a walking challenge a contest between two teams. For 30 days or more, employees must log the most steps.

5. Water cooler challenge.

Try to have as many water cooler conversations as you can in one day. Drink water before and after each conversation. Calculate how much water was consumed for the week (and see if walking correlated with how much water was consumed).

6. Join a walking group.

Walking with others gives us the feeling that we're part of something bigger than ourselves. If you work as a group or encourage individuals to form walking buddy relationships, you'll have some peer pressure to move more throughout the day (in a nice way).

7. Put a stopwatch or tracker on your watch.

A pedometer or stopwatch can motivate employees to take more walks. By doing this, it's easier to track how much they walk and how much progress they're making as individuals and as a team. Make sure you treat the most active teams.

8. Snack & Chat

Similar to lunch and learn, where everyone eats lunch while learning new things. 'Snack and chat' is an ideal team-building activity because you can exchange ideas with one another while eating a healthy meal. Instead of bringing in guest speakers, ask coworkers to explain new technologies they are excited about.

9. Discuss innovation at a meeting.

Create creative ways to use desk/office supplies (e.g., use a stapler as a jump rope, use a calculator as a weight, etc.). This will help show how smart they are in bringing innovative ideas to use office supplies and also come up with new meeting topics.

10. Bike to work contest.

It's cheaper, healthier, and better for the environment. It's a win-win situation! The early blasts of fresh air will be great for your staff, and no one likes being stuck in traffic jams, so biking to work is ideal. So, encourage your staff to bike to work as much as possible. Every month, the employee who bikes the most wins!

Giving employees exciting opportunities to keep their health and well-being a top priority through walk-and-talk sessions encourages healthy habits. Simple steps and gentle encouragement can easily nudge staff to exercise for an hour daily.

In the end, it's in the business's best interests to ensure that all employees are in good health. Healthy employees are not only happier, but they are also more productive and are less likely to miss work. So, there you have it... we hope these ideas push your employees to be more active at work. The more you implement these walk-and-talk ideas, the closer you will be to creating an office culture that everyone will want to be a part of!

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