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Quick Journaling Power Prompts to keep you stable!

Sometimes when we are worried and anxious deep thoughts creep into our minds which are hard to sweep away again. One small concern leads to another thing and this, in turn, leads to a bigger one. And yes, because of this, we get surrounded by stressful thoughts and emotions.

Also, once your worries take you over, it is extremely difficult to get back on track. Due to this, we become irritated and distracted throughout the day. Plus, we get plagued with self-doubt and other negative emotions. So, when you face moments like these, switch to journaling. It helps you recentre and eliminates all your fears and anxieties. Thus, helping you calm your mind and fears.

Easy worry-busting journal prompts:

So, next time you feel anxious, start journal writing. You can kickstart with one of these quick journals prompts and be at peace.

  1. Without pausing write down everything that is making you irritated and frustrated. Once it is out of your head, make sure you give yourself permission to leave it in your journal and come back later with clarity.
  2. Write down what you have achieved in a day. Start by writing about your victories and accomplishments. It will make you feel motivated and a bit positive about yourself.
  3. Sit down quietly for a few minutes and just breathe before writing your journal. It helps in understanding yourself better and will make you feel relaxed.
  4. Try having a heart-to-heart conversation with your inner critic. It actually helps in giving you clarity about life, living, and your thoughts.
  5. Pick up a single positive word that you would like to focus on today. You can include courage, love, gratitude, and joy in your journal. You can just journal about the things you have experienced and write down things you want to achieve.
  6. Always choose one problem that is causing you anxiety. Ask supportive questions to yourself and answer them with complete honesty. Try to look at situations from new angles and be open to finding possible solutions for them.
  7. Journal about things that help elevate your mood. Describe how you transform when you got engaged in this activity. Describe how you feel about it: and what more you can do to bring a positive change within yourself.
  8. Also, think about how you would like to spend a day just doing the things which make you feel happy, fulfilled, and excited. Be free to write a list of everything you would include in your day. It can be from the time you wake up until you head back to your bed at night.

These little prompts are a great help. Try these prompts and overcome all the challenges that hamper your growth.

Journaling Prompt #1- The Power of Me

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances"..

                                                                                                   -Bruce Barton

Journaling Prompt #2- What Do you Think about?

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't...you're right"..

                                                                                           -Henry Ford

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