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How Embarkz happened?

Health was never a priority for me, I always let self-care slip due to other priorities in life. As a part of my corporate journey, I was introduced to various health programs and activities but it never clicked for me. Both my occupational journey and personal journey so far have been good but along with it there were bad patches with a high amount of stress, long hours, and reduced sleep, being overweight, and also going through anxiety with minor health issues.

Conscious Efforts:

Until recently I was ok with all this and was handling them in my way, accepting them as destiny. My perspective on life changed when I got an opportunity to be on a solo trip at the beginning of the year 2021, where I decided to focus on self-care, introspection, and yes spending time with nature rather than getting into social media or web series. This was a conscious decision and due to pandemic conditions, I avoided going to crowded places or any site seeing which I typically did in my previous vacations.

Also, one motivation for focusing on self-care and not entertainment was the message my mother gave me before I started my solo trip “ Never ignore your health, don’t work so much that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. You cannot enjoy wealth if you are not in good health”. I think I had already embarked on my wellness journey, just that I realized it later when I saw some excellent long-lasting results.


After this trip, I developed some new habits like sharing my experiences through blogs, started reading more on healthy lifestyle, and started making simple changes in my routine with only one goal “Living a healthy and happy long life”. In a month, I started seeing excellent results. The complete experience was so energizing, I had found my motivation and started making some conscious efforts towards a healthy lifestyle.

I lost weight without any stress and sustainably, I was more happy and balanced, I could make my decision better, was more productive at work, and many more benefits which will be talked about on Embarkz. And this is how I got introduced to Wellness, its dimensions, and its benefits.

During my journey, I found there are so many like-minded people practicing wellness and seeing great results. However, I also experienced that finding the right content, curating information as per my need and at times getting the motivation to continue on the journey was a challenge. With continuous research and conscious efforts, I was able to create my wellness protocol and follow it.


The positive transformation in me after regular practice of wellness activities motivated me to share this route to an empowering personal journey accessible to everyone. I believe that every individual is unique and has different needs.

If the right tools and content are available easily, it can help individuals to find their motivation to create their wellness protocol and lead to a growing self, and that’s how Embarkz happened! I simply hope that sharing different wellness stories and information on all dimensions of wellness helps to inspire you on your wellness journey. Embarkz is an initiative to provide a growing environment for everyone to thrive!

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