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Surya namaskara mantras and their effects on different organs

Surya Namaskara is practiced by chanting Mantra that brings harmony to the body, breath and mind. Each Mantra has health benefits for different organs.

1. Om Hram Mitrya Namaha:

Hram: Hram stimulates the brain, heart, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, chest, and upper ribs.

Mitra: Mitra is everyone's friend.

2. Om Hrim Ravaye Namaha:

Hrim: Invigorates the throat, palate, heart, respiratory and digestive organs.

Ravi: Praised by all.

Ravaye means one who shines and offers divine blessings upon all life.

3. Om Hrum Suryay namaha:

Hrum: Strengthens the liver, spleen, stomach, abdomen, uterus and intestine.

Surya: The stimulator is Surya. As the Lord of the Heavens, Surya is revered. It stands for absolute consciousness.

4. Om Hrem Bhanave Namaha:

Hrem: kidneys are stimulated by Hrem.

Bhanave: One who bestows beauty or lustre.

It is a representation of a teacher or Guru who eliminates the darkness of our delusions.

5. Om Hroum Khagay Namaha:

Hroum: Normalises rectum and anus functioning.

Khagay: Time is measured based on how the sun moves through the sky.

6. Om Hrah Pushne Namaha:

Hrah: Develops the chest and throat.

Pushane: The Sun nourishes us with energy and light of life.

7. Om Hram Hagarbhaya Namaha:

Hiranyagarbha is the location of the birth of Brahma. Hiranyagarbha contains the entire cosmos.

8. Om Hrim Marichaye Namaha:

Marichaye: Maricha is Brahma’s son. It also means mirage. It enables us to distinguish between illumination and discrimination.

9. Om Hrum Adityay Namaha:

Aditya: Aditi is the Mahashakti, the cosmic mother. Her child is The Sun.

10. Om Hrem Savitre Namaha:

Savitre symbolises the Sun before it rises, awakening and motivating man to action.

11. Om Hroum Arkay Namaha:

Arka means energy. Sun is the source of energy.

12. Om Hrah Bhaskaray Namaha:

Bhaskaray is the Sanskrit word for "one who guides to enlightenment." Achieving spiritual truth can be done by worshipping the sun.

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